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Unlocking Your Valuables

You’ve locked up your valuables for safe keeping, but now you can’t seem to find the key or remember the combination.

J&J Locksmiths in Sacramento, CA, can crack the code and open your safe for you.

We offer a vast array of safe services, including emergency lock outs and safe openings.

Although some may think cracking open a safe isn’t as important, or as much of an emergency, as being locked out of your home, office, or car, we see it differently.

Until you can’t access important documents, or extra money, you can’t understand the emergency and immediate need.

We see it, that’s why we come just as quickly to unlock your safe as we do to unlock your car.

We provide safe servicing and combination changes as well as moving and installing new safes throughout your home or office.

We can also provide you with a duplicate set of safe keys so you can have a spare.

In addition to servicing safes, we also buy and sell new and used ones.

We see the importance of locking up documents, money, and other valuables. Our safes are secure and sold at reasonable prices.

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keyless safe

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